Cancer Survivors: Web-based

Is the iHOPE course for you or the people you support?

The iHOPE cancer survivors’ course is an interactive, web-based, self-management support course, which runs for 6 weeks, with each weekly session lasting 2.5 hours for groups of 30-40 participants. The course has been developed by Coventry University and Macmillan Cancer Support. 

Self-management is beneficial in helping to improve health and wellbeing. The iHOPE course provides a supportive, friendly group setting which provide participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to cope with many of the frustrations, fears and sense of isolation that living with and surviving cancer can bring.  iHOPE content comprises text, images, downloadable documents, links to external websites  and media files . The content delivered is configured into interactive activities (e.g. quizzes, self-monitoring tools, diaries) that can be used by participants to learn and consolidate course content. iHOPE uses internal forums and messaging facilities that act as a tool for communication between participants and coaches.

The course deals with: 

  • Goal setting and action planning   
  • Looking for solutions to problems
  • Stress management (e.g. mindfulness and relaxation)
  • Fatigue management
  • Identifying your strengths
  • Becoming more positive, grateful and appreciating life more
  • Healthy lifestyles (e.g. eating more healthily and physical activity)
  • Prioritising the important things in life
  • Fear of cancer recurrence
  • Body image and sexuality and intimacy
  • Communication skills


How does iHOPE help?

After attending iHOPE courses participants feel:

  • More positive mental wellbeing
  • More hopeful and goal focused
  • Less depressed and anxious
  • Less worried about their cancer coming back
  • Less tired


What do people say about the iHOPE Programme?

“It was wonderful to have access to this course in my own home at my own pace so I could do as little or as much as I wanted each day. I could join in the forums as much or as little as I liked and had access to a fab course.” (Cancer survivor)

“I shall miss being able to come on here and see how other people are doing, it has helped me through some dark days. Thank you for sharing your stories and lives...” (Cancer survivor)

“I have also learnt that I am not alone, although it feels it at times, as we all go on similar but very different journeys "" (Cancer survivor)


Benefits to organisations and commissioners

When participants undertake this programme, they have a more active role in managing their health which can result in fewer consultations with healthcare professionals and more effective use of healthcare resources.


Further Information

This iHOPE course is run by Macmillan Cancer Support: Contact Macmillan Cancer Support for further details

Click here for information about the group-based, face to face HOPE course for cancer survivors

Click here for information about the group-based course for carers of people living with cancer


Are you interested in a bespoke web-based iHOPE course for the people you support?  Contact us  

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