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Hope For The Community CIC was co-founded in 2015 by Professor Andy Turner and four community members, Tina, Wendy, Dave and Vicky, who had attended the Hope self-management programme, then delivered the programme themselves, before becoming trainers and then company directors. You can hear from these amazing community members talking about how they have spread hope.


We are an award winning organisation and have been named Coventry University’s 2018-19 Major Social Enterprise for achieving growth, sustainability, widening reach and international impact.

  • We are a social enterprise investing in communities and people
  • We deliver social value and impact
  • We co-create our products with the users of our services
  • We base our products on scientific evidence and approaches
  • We focus on the positive using positive psychology to help people recognise their strengths
  • We provide clients with everything they need to get their service up and running, print and web-ready resources that are good-to-go, with an uplifting visual design including our company mascot, Harry the Dog.


We provide co created, evidence-based health and wellbeing products and services to empower people to manage their health and wellbeing.


Everyone to have the tools to lead a hopeful and flourishing life.   


Buy Social

We are members of the Buy Social network, we support the growth of the social enterprise sector in the UK and internationally.
We trade for social purpose, reinvesting our profits into our social mission.

Bringing us into your supply chain will bring a range of benefits for your business, including:

  • meeting your corporate social responsibility objectives
  • ensuring the money you spend on goods and services stays in your local community or that it goes to a cause your organisation and staff are passionate about
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